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Named after the God of fire, metal work and forge, the Vulcano brass accessories add a seductive glow to your home.

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    Functionally glamorous is the perfect way to describe the Vulcano Collection. Made up of various practical designs that also act as a fabulous accessory for your home’s interior, the Vulcano…
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    Vulcan is the God of Fire. Powerful, strong and striking, the Vulcano Candle Lantern is a brass-plated, rectangular piece with pentagon laser cuts in a dazzling assortment scattered across its…
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    Aesthetically glamorous and functionally versatile are key design elements for CASA BOTELHO collections. The Vulcano range not only aims to introduce into a home purposeful design that has personality, but…
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    Throw out the old idea that bins need to be plastic and only available in black, white, stainless steel … the Vulcano Paper Bin brings CASA BOTELHO’S signature masculine glamour…
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    Do you have envelopes, bills, to-do lists and other loose papers scattered all over your house? What if there were a fabulously glamorous solution that looked so good, you’d be…
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    If the Envelope Holder is a little too small but you’re still looking for a glamorous solution to your paper problems, then the Vulcano Paper Tray is your answer. Finished…
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    Named after the God of Fire, Vulcan, the Vulcano Soap Stand embodies the power of the Greek God through the use of strong, straight lines and metal finish. Perfectly designed…
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    At CASA BOTELHO, we believe that every element of your home – even the smallest of details – should be carefully considered and play its own role in a home’s…
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    Style with functionality is one of the key elements of CASA BOTELHO’s design ethos. While every object has to add glamour and sensuality to a space, it also has to…
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