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Move over coffee table, there’s a new rock in town!

Move over coffee table, there’s a new rock in town!

You’re sitting in your living room entertaining friends, and mid conversation, as Katherine is telling you the latest gossip about Suzanne and her newest fling with a chiseled-jaw bartender, you find yourself awkwardly reaching for your cocktail and continuously breaking eye contact because you simply want to quench your thirst for Vodka and Vermouth. In this particular situation, how convenient it would be to have a table that was similar to a personal caddy; could follow you everywhere and perfect height for your hand to swiftly grab your martini glass and take an elegantly slip, all without missing out on any of the juicy details!

Move over coffee table, there’s a new rock in town and it’s making men feel as sleek as Bond and women as sexy as Eva Green. Founder and creative director of Casa Botelho, João Botelho designed the Martini Collection for this kind of situation. A range of small, statement, worldly and sexy tables, the Martini Collection provides pieces that are petite and elegant but with a big enough dose of drama to not go unnoticed.

It was Joao’s adoration for symmetry and Art Deco design, love of James Bond movies and obsession with this petite style of table that inspired him to design the Martini Collection. As one of the most recognised and celebrated drinks of the rich and famous, it was essential that the table design possessed the same kind of sophistication and aura as the ‘diamond-clear cocktail’. João decided to combine historical and global influences in order to achieve this aesthetic. Handcrafted by artisans who share our passion for quality and love our products almost as much as we do, we work with family-owned and operated firms including Busnelli Corporate in Meda, Italy, and Pip Squeak in Harrow, England. The tables have a “sculptured, geometric shape that give a gentle nod to Art Deco design, while the steel material and finish reference a more Bauhaus style,” says João. “The striking, sculptural items undergo a series of casting, filing, welding and oxidation techniques. The unique finish is achieved through a specialised patination or galvanizing process. The variations in colour and texture are inherent to the handmade process and intensify the beauty of the items.”

Geometrics and symmetry are common traits of a Casa Botelho design. Each named after a celebrated adaptation of the iconic Martini cocktail, the name of the table has influenced and guided the sculptural lines of that particular design. From the delicate oval shape of the Manhattan table, to the hexagonal figure of the Gibson table, the collection also includes the circular Kangaroo, bean-shaped Vesper, the square Bronx, and the rectangular Martinez. The perfect symmetry of each table offers a minimal charm while their bold, geometric shapes give them their strength and personality; not to mention the surprise element of illumination added to the Bronx table and our collaboration with TM Lighting that we’ll be revealing in May at Clerkenwell Design Week (watch this space for more info)!

At Casa Botelho, we design luxury, embrace natural beauty, embody elegance, exude glamour, and ooze drama. Featured on the covers of Marie Claire Maison and Casa Living, the Martini Collection was our debut collection that set the high standard of quality that we strive to uphold in all our collections that have and will follow. To get daily updates and inspiration from our all-so-glamorous founder and creative director, João Botelho, following us on social media @casabotelho on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Until next time… stay sexy!

The journey continues…

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