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Magnetic Cowhide Tiles

Magnetic Cowhide Tiles

Did someone say removable tiles!?

Well… technically we said Magnetic Cowhide Tiles but you get what we mean! Our latest design invention is one that is sure to turn the concept of surfaces on its head! CASA BOTELHO, together with Art Hide, have reimagined how we decorate our homes, and have devised a way that we can change our surfaces just like we change our furniture!

CASA BOTELHO’s is all about versatile design, and the Magnetic Cowhide Tiles will give you back complete control of your home’s aesthetic. As a display of your personality and what you love, your home should adapt and grow with you and your family. The Magnetic Cowhide Tiles aim to give you this flexibility. You can forget about living with the same tiles in your hallway or powder room! These tiles allow you to swap and change with the seasons, new furniture arrangements, or even when you come back from a haircut and decide that a light colour scheme just isn’t working for you anymore; you want something bold and daring!

Our goal in creating the Magnetic Cowhide Tiles was to eliminate the limitations of surface design. After using a similar concept on the tops of our Martini Tables, we knew this was an idea we had to explore further. At our ‘Seducing Your Home’ exhibition at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, we dressed the uber-cool bar structure with the Magnetic Cowhide Tiles and everyone became just as obsessed as we are!

A clever magnetic backing allows the Magnetic Cowhide Tiles to be applied and rearranged in a variety of designs, to any metal structure, including bar fronts, hallways and powder rooms. The front of each tile is then covered in a luxurious, high quality, reliably sourced cowhide from Art Hide. Sold by the square metre, in a range of patterns and colours, the current collection is rectangular in shape, however we are developing a variety of new geometric designs as we speak!

If you are looking for a unique way to transform your home’s interior, creating a versatile and multifunctional aesthetic, as well as introducing the natural beauty, texture and character of cowhide, then our Magnetic Tiles are exactly what you need! Be sure to follow @casabotelho on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for all the latest updates on our newest collection and the availability of our ever-so-glamorous, Magnetic Cowhide Tiles!

Until next time … stay glamorous!

The journey continues…

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