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Luxe versus Luxury

Luxe versus Luxury

LUXE < Word Origin < 1550-60 < French < Latin word luxus

Livingetc UK recently featured CASA BOTELHO, defining our style as “URBAN LUXE” – a home with bold sweeps of drama and an eye for detail.

We have endless definitions of luxury and an enormous amount of designers and brands built around catering for the so-called luxury industry. Then we have LUXE, which to me is a exceptional word that exudes emotion and sensuality but many also commonly use it to describe luxury.

There is some confusion between the definition and understanding of LUXURY versus LUXE. Some define LUXE as something opulent, luxurious, sumptuous and very expensive; others have the ability to understand that LUXE is a way of expressing the senses, emotions or a style.

Is LUXE a wonderful word short for luxurious? Can Valet parking be LUXE? What about social media? How should we define it? What is the right answer?

To me it signifies an expression of taste or a comfort feeling like the touch of cashmere; it is an indulgence of the senses like the scent of a candle, the sound of water, the rhythm of music, the taste of wine or the smell of food

LUXE surrounds are connected with symmetry, balance and harmony; colors that coordinate seamlessly, furnishings that speak to you, shapes and forms that have an expression, art that complements your personality and soul or simply an ambiance that exudes style.

Donna Karan masters in capturing the senses of LUXE. She understands that a white man’s shirt; a double face cashmere coat and judicious use of jersey could evoke more the sense of LUXE than any amount of heavy beading. She taught me a lot about the senses, spontaneous emotions, and serene elegance. The colors, the draping, the design elements, the artisan touch and the sensuousness of the fabrics were vital to contribute to a LUXE collection.

Creating LUXE interiors does not confine me to luxurious materials or furniture. It is all about seducing the eye with surface attractions, lighting moodiness and understanding the similarity of forms and shapes that unifies schemes; a dark grey wall, a velvet chair, a convex mirror, black and white photography, a round coffee table and a vintage chandelier, all contribute to create a sense of LUXE. Are you feeling it? Can you sense it?

Magical and sensual; LUXE is a sense that inspires my creativity, design aesthetics and vision.

The journey continues……

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