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Love at first sight

Love at first sight

Everyone who’s done their own renovation knows that ordering samples is a ‘MUST’. But it is also one of the most frustrating parts of the process. You spend so much time researching online to find what you think will create the perfect look, but once you’ve received the swatches of paint and samples of floorboard or carpet, they all look completely different from what you see on the computer screen. And don’t get me started on visiting the stores!

After a year of hunting for a flooring for our home in Hackney, London – and now also the Casa Botelho HQ – I felt like it was going to be impossible to find exactly what I was looking for. As you all know, our style is bold and dramatic, and as one of the largest surfaces in the home, the flooring needed to match this and bring with it its own personality.

Upon stumbling across The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company on one of my many, endless inspiration searches, I decided to brave the sale people and head down to their store. As soon as I stepped in the shop, I got a completely different vibe – it was like the quality and personality of these finishes was filling the air in there. While I wanted a bit of everything, I ended up narrowing it down to two finishes of which I was given three large samples of each to take home with me and test before I made a final decision.

I was only gone for a few hours when I ran back into the store declaring I had found ‘the one’! The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company staff were a little worried and continued to ask me, “Are you sure?” and “Do you want some more time to think about it?”. I was so confident that this was the right product, I placed my order there and then!

The finish for the floors of our home from The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company is the Driftwood finish. I fell head over heels for its warm and distressed look while choosing it in a dark colour tone created an overall glamorous, masculine style right throughout our home.

While it was love at first sight for me, I had a very hard time convincing my partner, Laurent. As soon as I said that I was going to put wood on the floor in our bathroom, he immediately raided his concerns – and I didn’t blame him. However, I was prepared with a comeback and upon stating, “Well if they make boats out of wood, why can’t my bathroom floor be made of it too!?” – he reluctantly caved. I had spent days (maybe even weeks) looking for a wood and stone combination that would still create a seamless flow in our open-plan master bedroom but nothing matched 100%. This harmony was important to me, and is key to every Casa Botelho design, because I believe symmetry creates balance and calm in a space – it makes everything make sense! So, wood it was and it was thanks to The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company  that it was possible!

Since using The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company in my own home, I’ve been preaching about this fabulous product, even using it as the foundation of the Casa Botelho exhibition at the Independent Hotel Show and Clerkenwell Design Week in 2017. I simply want to show people how endless the possibilities when decorating you home and giving the Casa Botelho followers the confidence to be fearless and bold within their homes’ interior.

The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company have made a wonderful video of the Casa Botelho HQ below and if you want to know more about the brand, please visit www.reclaimedflooringco.com, or take a peak in their showroom at 64 Clerkenwell Road, London.

Until next time… be fearless!

The journey continues…

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