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Furniture and Surfaces for the senses

Furniture and Surfaces for the senses

In our most recent collaboration, we are saying goodbye to boring timber tables and dull glass tabletops, and hello to surfaces with sex appeal! Together with luxury surface experts, Decorum Est, we have designed a collection that celebrates material, texture and sensuality.

Surfaces are an extremely large part of an interior, and therefore have the greatest effect on the way our home looks and feels. Surfaces aren’t just backdrops for your furniture or a place to leave your Martini while you discuss your summer holiday plans with your guests. Surfaces provide a visual, as well as a tactile experience for those using the space, and so should be chosen with care and an intent to impress!

At CASA BOTELHO, we adore beautiful surfaces and are constantly amazed at how they can enhance a room … or ruin it. When coupled and contrasted correctly, surfaces can introduce texture, intrigue and opulence, converting a bathroom into a personal sanctuary and transforming a foyer into a grand entrance that could be straight from an ELLE Decoration magazine cover. Each CASA BOTELHO design has been specifically detailed to provide this sensual encounter. Together with Decorum Est, we are uniting the artistry of surfaces and the architecture of furniture design, to craft sexy and seductive statements for your home.

In our newest collections, you’ll see a range of Decorum Est’s fabulous surfaces featured on the Eros coffee table, side table and console, and the Bacco Drinks trolley will get a wild makeover with one of our favourites from the range, the Crocodile Concrete Tiles. They are incredibly glamorous and have an ultra-sensual, 3D-like finish.

Decorum Est provides unique surface materials from around the world, from the rarest marble to the most precious metals, shell and glass. Their surfaces are of exceptional quality and unlike anything we’ve ever seen, which is why we are so thrilled to be collaborating with them to bring you sexy, sensual designs worth salivating over!

As part of this collaboration, CASA BOTELHO also redesigned the interior of the Decorum Est’s showroom on the Kings Road, where our upholstery collection and accessories are now for sale, soon-to-be-joined-by the new Cupid and Eros collections specially for Design Week in September. Pushing the boundaries of traditional showroom design, we dressed the entire front façade with our glamorous Bacco Armchairs, sexy Martini Tables and glistening brass accessories. No longer just a showroom but rather a luxurious gallery, if you’re in the area, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Until next time … stay sensual!

The journey continues …

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