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Casa Botelho now available to see, touch and experience at Augustus Brandt in Petworth,West Sussex

May, 2018 – London, UK – Casa Botelho will opens its newest bespoke concept space at the Augustus Brandt store in Petworth, West Sussex, on Thursday 10th May, 2018. The shared space is an extension of a long-standing relationship between the two luxury emporiums which has also resulted in a collaboration at one of Augustus Brandt’s sister-brands, Decorum Est, on the Kings Road. Bringing Casa Botelho’s masculine glamour, sumptuous tones and modern design to the already established space, customers will be able to see, touch and experience Casa Botelho’s signature style and purchase the brands entire collection, including its bespoke furniture and home accessories.

“Casa Botelho has a very strong commitment to quality materials and attention to detail, and Augustus Brandt shares this philosophy. Their designs are made with an artisan touch. We are excited about this new journey and continuing a beautiful relationship with such an inspiring brand,” says João Botelho, Creative Director and Founder of Casa Botelho.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Casa Botelho. Having known Joao for over 25 years, his taste, attention to detail and exacting creative eye, has produced a fabulous furniture collection in striking hues and beautiful textures. Introducing unique decorative surfaces and exquisite marbles from Decorum Est into some of Casa Botelho’s designs has allowed us to explore new avenues for our design team, and we are thrilled with the results. The new Casa Botelho showroom at Augustus Brandt makes a powerful statement of elegant, contemporary furniture and accessories, which we are confident our customers will appreciate”, says Nicola Jones, CEO of Augustus Brandt.

Since the two brands connected, Casa Botelho and Augustus Brandt have been advocates of each-others work for many years. So, when the idea came up about bringing the two brands together under one roof, there was no hesitation. While Casa Botelhos’ rich, moody tones complement Augustus Brandts’ classic, antique designs; Augustus Brandts’ solid wood pieces aesthetically harmonize with Casa Botelhos’ modern, symmetrical lines.

In Petworth, West Sussex, the Augustus Brandt showroom is housed in a very unique space – a 7,500 square foot, Georgian town house. With the aim of creating a retail destination rather than just another showroom, Augustus Brandt has redesigned and decorated the homes interior to allow customers and guests to experience the furniture in a familiar and ‘real’ setting. Casa Botelho has transformed one of these spacious rooms into an oasis for the senses with an exclusive combination of the brands signature pieces, including the Martini tables, Cupid Chaise Lounge, Bacco Armchair, Bacco Side Table, Eros Console and Coffee Table, and many more. To complement these designs, João Botelho has chosen two artworks from the exceptionally talented, Italian-born photographer, Thomas Zanon-Larcher. The two pieces selected are from Zanon-Larcher’s narrative series, Nora, which is based on the Norwegian play, ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen. Designed by João himself, the space will be infused with all the seductive glamour of which Casa Botelho is known for, creating a luxurious space that doesn’t compromise on character and individuality.

Casa Botelho’s collection can be seen, touched, experienced and purchased at the Augustus Brandt store at Newlands House, Pound Street, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 0DX, from Thursday 10th May, 2018. For more information about Augustus Brandt, visit www.augustusbrandt.co.uk and for press information conctact The Comminication group and to contact João Botelho, email [email protected] or visit www.casabotelho.com.

Reinvigorating surfaces was the goal in this collaboration and together with the luxury surface experts at Decorum Est, a number of our designs come with extra sex appeal. This collaboration also involved a redesign of Decorum Est’s showroom on the Kings Road, where a variety of Casa Botelho furniture pieces and accessories can be seen, experienced and purchased.

Casa Botelho releases its first rug design in collaboration with Jennifer Manners

August, 2017 – London, UK – Luxury emporium, Casa Botelho is proud to announce its inaugural rug design, the Lorraine Rug. Together with the Jennifer Manners, specialist in creating modern, handcrafted rugs using centuries old traditions, the Lorraine rug combines Jennifer’s expertise in weaving with Casa Botelho’s glamorous design style.

“Rugs have been on my mind for quite some time and once I’d found my inspiration and it came to choosing a designer to collaborate with, Jennifer Manners was at the top of my list. I showed Jennifer images that I had taken of the Tuile de façade in Thaon-les-Vosges, and immediately she felt in love with it. It was the perfect collaboration and the result more than I could’ve ever imagined,” says João Botelho, Creative Director and Founder of Casa Botelho.

Rugs play an important role in an interior, sometimes adding colour and other times adding texture. But what every rug does is generate an emotional reaction, just like an artwork does on a wall. From the way the fibres are woven to the addition of colour or pattern, a rug can create excitement, it can ooze opulence or it can make one feel warm and comfortable. Rugs are artwork for the floor, and for this reason, João Botelho has always been fascinated by this sophisticated home accessory.

While travelling through a small town in the Lorraine region of France, Thaon-les-Vosges, João became fascinated with what the French call, ‘Tuile de façade’; the use of embossed metal tiles on the walls and ceiling. Together with Jennifer Manners, this ancient tradition has now become a modern marvel. The Lorraine Rug is handmade in Varanasi, India, by using hand-knotted, New Zealand wool, together with Bamboo Silk. The weavers use an ancient method that was brought over by the Tibetans in the mid-20th century, called the Tibetan Knot, whereby the start of each new knot is a continuation of the previous. The result is a luxuriously soft rug available in a variety of inky, rich shades, including French Gris, Vert Foncé (Emerald Green), Marine (Navy), Bronze, and Vert Vert (Teal Green). Combined with its French-inspired, zig-zag-style pattern, the Lorraine Rug will add its own historical elegance to any contemporary interior.

For more details, images or commentary about the Lorraine Rug, please contact João Botelho at [email protected] or 07956170735. Or visit www.casabotelho.com.

Casa Botelho reveals a Brazilian-inspired collection of geometric-patterned fabrics, in collaboration with Margo Selby.

London-based, luxury emporium, Casa Botelho has collaborated with influential woven textile designer and architect of pattern and colour, Margo Selby, to create a collection of geometric-patterned fabrics that have been inspired by Brazilian culture and architecture. Celebrating sweeping curves and free-flowing lines, the Curvature Collection consist of three woven fabrics – Rio, Belo and Brasilia – each design will be available for upholstery or decorative purposes, and will be a visual display of the union between a texturally artistic weaver and a symmetrically-obsessed, Brazilian-born designer.

Casa Botelho’s signature style is infused with geometric shapes, symmetrical design and luxurious textures. Throughout many of his interior projects, João Botelho has used Margo Selby fabrics because of their exquisite quality and her ability to individualize her fabrics through woven texture, pattern and colour. With a working relationship that goes back many years, a collaboration between Casa Botelho and Margo Selby was natural and harmonious. João had the idea of creating a collection that evoked the natural beauty and vivacious energy of his home in Brazil, as well as the unique architectural works of Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer. He knew of only one woman fit for the job; Margo Selby.

“Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural buildings are all over my hometown, Belo Horizonte. I vividly remember our trips to Pampulha to visit the magnificent Saint Francis of Assisi church, which is one of his most recognised designs. Its roof is completely covered with mosaic tiles in shades of blue, and its curvaceous shape and architectural, lakeside design is like no other. Textiles have been on my mind for quite some time and the inspiration came naturally to me one day. I adore Margo’s work and her ability to bring textural prints to life. Her fabrics speak to you in a unique way and I have loved using them in my projects. We are thrilled with our collaboration and I’m eager to use the Curvature Collection in our interiors and furniture designs,” says João Botelho.

The Curvature Collection unites João Botelho’s Brazilian roots with Margo’s expertise in pattern design. Geometric design, tessellating patterns and a strong graphic palette, combine to form an identity in cloth. The Curvature Collection consists of three woven, geometric-patterned fabrics named after various places in Brazil where Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture is also present – Rio, Belo and Brasilia. Rio is inspired by the city of energy and colour – Rio de Janeiro. Its strong angles and contrasting curves create a dramatic visual, invigorated by a yellow and blue colour palette. Belo evokes an organic, modern style of geometry in shades of blue, that Niemeyer employed in the design of the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Belo Horizonte. And Brasilia uses fine lines, waves and a monochrome colour palette to project an image of simplicity and modernity, inspired by Brazil’s federal capital and hub for business, tourism and culture. Each fabric will be available in two finishes. The upholstery fabric ensures durability without compromising on comfort and aesthetic. While the decorative fabric is woven using a blend of fibres that will give cushions, curtains and throws a subtle, 3-dimensional texture.

‘I’ve really enjoyed working with Casa Botelho.  The Brazilian architectural façade imagery which Joao brought as an inspirational starting point really embraces my love of structural graphic design and I couldn’t wait to start designing for him. We love the fabrics which are the result of working together and its wonderful to see our designs being used with confidence in these luxurious interiors.  I am now eager to visit Brazil to see the environments which have inspired the collection in person.’ – Margo Selby

The upholstery fabric consists of 80000 Martindale which is idea for commercial contracts.

The luxury Curvature textile collection will retail for £120 per meter. Trade prices available upon request.

For more information about the collection, the collaboration, images, commentary and sales from João Botelho, please contact [email protected] or 07956170735.

Casa Botelho’s latest collaboration with luxury, European brand, Marie’s Corner

London, United Kingdom – January, 2018 – London-based, furniture emporium, Casa Botelho has announced its latest collaboration with Belgium-based, tailor-made seating designers, Marie’s Corner. The collaboration will see the Brasília fabric from Casa Botelho and Margo Selby’s inaugural fabric range, the Curvature Collection, upholstered on Marie’s Corners’ newest designs. The furniture will be showcased in Marie’s Corner’s display at Paris Dėco Off January 18-22 2018, as well as the brand’s concept store in Brussels, and Casa Botelho’s headquarters in London. The partnership will represent the global expansion of Casa Botelho and provide a beautiful fusion between three world-class brands that share a passion for quality craftsmanship and luxury, modern design.

“The ethos at Marie’s Corner corresponds with what we do at Casa Botelho and how we create and craft our furniture and materials. Their designs are extremely modern, made with an artisan touch and faultless attention to detail. We are excited about our journey and relationship with such an iconic, well-respected Belgium brand,” says João Botelho, Creative Director and Founder of Casa Botelho.

Starting in a garage over 20 years ago by Marie-Laetitia, Marie’s Corner has continued to build its brand around two core values – tradition and exclusivity. While all designs are made using a natural wood structure and upholstered using a traditional method in organic, living materials, all the furniture is made to order in Europe and the United States. These values resonated strongly with João and when Marie’s Corner CEO, Serge Silber saw a sneak preview of the Curvature Collection and fell in love with Brasília, João held no hesitations at accepting his proposal for a collaboration.

CASA BOTELHO collaborates with designers and brands from around the world to launch a unique, online shopping experience; Style Destination

June, 2017 – London, UK – Luxury furniture and design brand, CASA BOTELHO has handpicked 49 products by more than nine designers and brands from around the world to launch a unique, online shopping destination. Accessible via the CASA BOTELHO website, visitors can browse the design directory which has been appropriately named, Style Destination. Each product chosen reflects the functional beauty and style sensibility which CASA BOTELHO is known for, and encompasses everything from lighting to flooring, furniture and decorative accessories.

Founder and Creative Director of CASA BOTELHO, João Botelho, has been working within the creative realms of fashion and design since an early age, and since then has fostered his passion for discovering, creating and sharing stylish design. Style Destination is a personal collection of pieces that have been carefully selected and handpicked by João himself, including designs from his favourite interior brands, objects that he has in his own home, as well as pieces that he uses in his own interior projects. Every brand chosen to take part in creating this unique, online directory shares the same philosophies, ideas and ethics as CASA BOTELHO, also complementing one another both functionally and aesthetically.

“CASA BOTELHO’s ethos is to collaborate with brands that reflect the functional beauty, attention to detail and style sensibility for which our brand is recognised. Style Destination will provide a unique experience that we believe will deeply resonate with our followers,” says founder and creative director, João Botelho.

CASA BOTELHO has a very distinctive style that elegantly blends symmetry and pattern with the romance and glamour of the Art Deco era. The aesthetic is bold, daring and seductive with a rich colour palette, luxurious textures and architectural lines. The pieces chosen by João Botelho for Style Destination showcase these same qualities, meaning they can be paired together to create unity and flow within a home’s interior. An elaborate, solid brass chandelier from Schwung Home will coordinate with the brass composition of the Martini Table Collection, while the Marble Wallpaper designed by Piet Hein Eek from NLXL will be the perfect backdrop for the velvet upholstered, Cupid Chaise Lounge and Corner Armchair. Style Destination is subsequently a collection of brands that share a common goal of creating high-quality, sophisticated design for the home.

The brands included in the Style Destination directory are Aurum Home, Art Hide, Frama, IBride, Lyon Beton, Jennifer Manners, Leff Amsterdam, NLXL Wallpaper, and Schwung Home. Along with providing this unique resource for its customers, CASA BOTELHO will also be interviewing the artists, designers and architects behind each Style Destination brand, sharing their inspiration, design theories and favourite style on the company’s blog page.

Browse the Style Destination directory by visiting www.casabotelho.com. For more information about Style Destination or commentary from João Botelho, please contact João Botelho at [email protected] or 07956170735.

Bronx Table Light

The Bronx Table Light

The Bronx Table Light is a unique collaboration by TM Lighting and Casa Botelho to create a sophisticated and innovative design for serving a martini cocktail – in its best light.

Over the years the martini has become one of most recognised and celebrated drinks of the rich and famous. Described by Brooks White as “the elixir of quietude” or the drink that made Hemingway “feel civilized”; Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and movie celebrities such as Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra are amongst some of the well-known connoisseurs of the pleasures of this ‘diamond-clear cocktail’.

With a shared obsession for art and light, TM Lighting – specialists in manufacturing high colour rendition LED luminaries for the art and high-end retail market – collaborated with luxury interior design company Casa Botelho to create a bespoke martini table, an adaptation on Casa Botelho’s Bronx range within the Martini Collection.

Casa Botelho’s love for symmetry and Art Deco design, and of James Bond movies, started the collection to fulfil a design need for small, statement, worldly and sexy tables for the glamorous home setting for serving and enjoying a cocktail.

The elegantly designed Martini Collection has historic and global influences. The sculptured geometric shapes give a gentle nod to Art Deco, while the materials and finishes, reference a more Bauhaus style. The martini tables are versatile and offer an extra arm’s length comfort – a must for enjoying your favourite cocktail. Instead of leaning over from your favourite armchair to lift your cocktail from a low coffee table, the martini table allows your drink to sit conveniently by your side the entire time.

The light makes the cocktail the star of the show, which in low lit spaces and cocktail bars can be lost. Like a jewel in a crown, the high-performance LED creates a sparkling prism upon the crystal martini glass, showcasing the vibrancy of the cocktail in full spectrum – thus, the cocktail becomes a work of art in-itself.

A pool of light upon the table top not only focuses on your cocktail, but also creates a seductive pool of light that draws you to a specific seating location – a destination for enjoying your cocktail.  This alleviates the overcrowding that a table, together with a floor lamp in cosy cocktail lounges and lifestyle projects can create.  The lighting element is in-built to the sleek table, so the piece is all-in-one, eliminating risk of a table light knocking over or moving, and there is no interference of a cable or power source.

Creating a colourful cocktail like no other, the sophisticated twist on the original Bronx table is designed and crafted from Marblo, and a sleek, brushed-brass frame that conceals unrivalled TM Lighting LED technology.

The height of the light is on an adjustable arm to allow for any height of cocktail glass or decorative object. The light emits no back-heat so that there is no heat upon the chilled drink.

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