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Art Deco Inspired, Casa Botelho’s bespoke Bar Stools are made of solid steel and upholstered with luxe materials like leathers, suedes and cowhides to name a few. Casa Botelho honours quality and luxury. The brands signature style embraces symmetrical design with an aura of ‘Masculine Glamour’ that plays with powerful materials, reflective surfaces, and seductive tones and textures. With a luxury, modern design that is both eye-catching and unique, our Bar Stools are perfect for a contemporary home. The stools are custom made and available in a variety of metal finishes like powder coated or blackened steel. To achieve the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship across our collections of designer furniture, Casa Botelho is dedicated to supporting local artisans and businesses in the United Kingdom.

  • From: £2,175
    CASA BOTELHO is famous for its use of luxurious materials. From velvet to brass, antique mirror and cowhide, these materials offer a sense of opulence with their intricate textures and…