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Artwork for your floor

Artwork for your floor


Lying on my back, arms spread wide, legs and feet falling to the sides – I might as well be making sand angels on the shores of Tahiti. The soft, squishy, silky surface hugs my entire body from below, and for a moment, I can hear the sounds of waves crashing in the distance. A wet sensation slaps the side of my face and I’m brought back to my overcast, London reality by the excited slurps of my two spaniels, thrilled that I’m horizontal on the living room floor and within their reach.

Rug Addict – I think is what they call this, and if that’s the case, I’m self-confessed! In my opinion, adding a rug to a room changes everything. From the way the fibres are woven to the addition of colour and pattern, a rug can create excitement, ooze opulence or make a space feel like the inside of a Snuggy hood.

When searching for handcrafted rug-liciousness, there’s one lady with the expertise for weaving yarns of wool and silk into heavenly surfaces for your floor. Jennifer Manners specialises in creating modern, geometric and colourful handcrafted rugs using centuries old techniques and traditions. I’ve used many of Jennifer’s rugs in my projects, as well as in my own home, and they’re beauty and uniqueness is in the quality of materials and handmade construction. When it came time to begin Casa Botelho’s venture into the world of rug design, I knew Jennifer’s top quality materials, eye for colour and glamour, and her passion for detailed craftsmanship were what we needed!

While travelling through a small town in the Lorraine region of France, Thaon-les-Vosges, I became charmed by what the French call, ‘Tuile de façade’; the use of embossed metal tiles on walls and ceiling. After snapping a few pictures and returning to London, I approached Jennifer and she immediately fell just as in love with the idea as I did!

The Lorraine Rug is handmade in Varanasi, India, by using hand-knotted, New Zealand wool, together with Bamboo Silk. The weavers use an ancient method that was brought over by the Tibetans in the mid-20th century, called the Tibetan Knot, whereby the start of each new knot is a continuation of the previous. The result is a luxuriously soft rug that some can argue is even more comfy than your bed! The Lorraine is available in a variety of inky, rich shades, including French Gris, Vert Foncé (Emerald Green), Marine (Navy), Bronze, and Vert Vert (Teal Green). Combined with its French-inspired, zig-zag-style pattern, the Lorraine Rug will add its own historical elegance to any contemporary interior.

The Lorraine Rug is available to purchase on our Shop Collections as well as Jennifer Manners’ on line store.

Until next time … stay éclatant.

The journey continues …

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